The Event Leader role will allow you to regularly run Activities and Missions. You can work with Event Managers on new ideas or choose from a wide selection of approved events. Event Leaders are also able to set up spontaneously play sessions for members or assist Event Managers in larger Operations.


  1. Be a Full Member of GII
  2. Have your Guilded account liked (see ‘Edit Profile’)
  3. Understand the Event Types (Activites, Missions, Operations, Casual Play)
  4. Request the ‘Event Leader’ role on our website (below)
  5. Assist in an event by an Event Manager or Event Leader (we will contact you)
  6. Run a low-stakes event with an Event Manager present


  1. Review and be ready to work with Staff to enforce GII Rules of Conduct, Rules of Engagement & Communication Guidelines
  2. Monitor #gii-event-leadership forum for new events started by GII Staff and Event Managers
  3. Work with Event Managers on new ideas for Activities and Missions
  4. Keep track with past events from the #gii-event-center forum, change event details to freshen things up and make the event your own