Rules of Conduct

Below you’ll find the general guidelines we maintain as an org. Please note to keep yourself updated on this document as these guidelines are subject to change. Looking forward to playing with you! The Garden Grows!

Mission & Vision

Welcome, Friend!

We are happy to have you be a part of The Garden Interstellar initiative.  This is the Star Citizen center of Space Tomato Gaming.

GII is a casual place for all the members of the Space Tomato Gaming community to build a safe and trusting environment where all of our members can take part in whatever gameplay they desire. We also offer training and newcomer assistance to help you achieve your goals in-game. We are an inclusive and respectful community that encourages fun & enjoyment but expects all members to show maturity and respect for all others.

In terms of gameplay we do not particularly focus on industrial, science, or combat-focused jobs and activities, we support all of these areas equally with activities, training, and discussion channels. GII is a place where ALL-Star Citizens are welcome and celebrated! We are keen on uplifting marginalized groups and creating an equal, pleasant environment for our community.

We are a casual org but without some rules and guidelines, casual can turn into a disaster. These rules of conduct are in place to protect you, as well as other members, from unpleasant experiences.

Communication With Other Members

  1. Members must be respectful to all members regardless of their liking towards the other party.
    1. NO use of disrespectful words and terms, bullying, and discrimination of any kind. 
    2. Playful profanity is not prohibited.However, any derogatory language towards users is prohibited.
      1. This is a family-friendly server. 
      2. Remember that other members are allowed to report you if you make them uncomfortable.
      3. Gender-based discrimination, racism, religious discrimination, and  hate speech of any kind are IMMEDIATE BANNABLE offenses.
        1. “Jokes” about these matters (including rape “jokes”) will not be taken as jokes. The member(s) will be banned immediately and without notice. The member(s) may NOT get to present their case to Team Tomato.
  2. NO Trolling!
    1. Do NOT disrupt the chat intentionally.
    2. Do NOT display behavior that is clearly intended to annoy others.
    3. Otherwise, intentionally attempt to start trouble.
      1. Includes purposefully and/or continuously lying to or misleading other members.
  3. NO Disrespect towards Staff Members.
    1. Understand that staff members are volunteers. They are here to help you have a better time. All staff members are carefully selected by Space Tomato.
    2. NO disrespect to Staff about their decisions within the org, their positions within the org, OR their real-life commitments.

Using GII Servers

  1. Per Star Citizen requirements, the minimum age of this organization is 16.
    1. Persons who are suspected to be younger than 16 will be under investigation until they can prove they are 16 or older.
  2. NO pornographic/adult/other NSFW material.
    1. NSFW material has NO place in GII. This is a community server.
  3. The following topics of discussion are to be kept OUT of voice chat.
    1. Conversations about politics that exceed daily news
    2. Conversations about Religion(s)
    3. Conversations about acts of violence (including but not limited to sexual assault, committing acts of physical violence, etc.)
    4. Conversations about suicide/self-harm (If you think a member is struggling with suicidal thoughts, please reach out to a member of staff or Member Relations to check on them. Thank you for being a good person.)
  4. NO offensive names and profile pictures.
    1. You will be asked to change your name or picture if the staff deems them inappropriate. Failure to comply might end up with disciplinary action.
  5. NO Streaming/Recording in Unmarked Channels.
    1. NO streaming OR recording to services outside of Discord in channels that are not marked for streaming or recording.
    2. Inform all involved parties that you are recording and/or streaming.
    3. Discord streaming is permitted with the room’s approval, but voice comms etiquette must still be respected.
  6. NO Spamming!
    1. Do NOT overload chat with a large number of messages one after the other.
  7. NO Advertisements.
    1. NO advertising for other organizations.
    2. NO advertising for streams other than our own members’.
    3. If the content you want to share is relevant and provides actual value to GII, you may post it while respecting our no spam rule, you may also use #videos.
  8. NO Server Raiding
    1. Raiding or mentions of raiding other servers, streams, etc for negative reasons are not allowed.
  9. NO Direct & Indirect Threats
    1. Disciplinary action will be taken against members who are caught threatening other members with DDoS, Death, DoX, abuse, and other malicious threats.
  10. Keep Yourself Updated On GII’s Reputation & Piracy Rules
    1. The piracy and reputation rules are considered crucial and are consistently updated as more information about the game surfaces.
    2. Members are ALLOWED to participate in pirate activities WITH boundaries. Keep yourself updated on what those boundaries are.
      1. Members may take part in pirate activity that does not negatively affect GII reputation in and out of the game.
      2. This means all piracy missions and activites are permitted outside of non-consensual PvP.
      3. If you are found to be taking part in non-consensual PvP in or outside of GII gameplay, you will be given a warning.
  11. Do NOT Ping @everyone or @here
    1. Unless given explicit permission, do not @everyone or @here in the GII Discord or Guilded servers for any reason.
  12. Do NOT join private voice chat channels.
    1. Unless you see that they have a free spot and you have asked permission to join them.
    2. If your presence is unwanted by someone who was there BEFORE you, you must be the one to leave the channel.

Playing The Game As a GII Member

  1. NO Griefing.
    1. Do NOT undermine the player experience of innocent players if it does not DIRECTLY benefit GII or yourself in a way other than satisfaction. 
    2. Serious disciplinary action will be taken against members who participate in Griefing.
  2. GII Comes First.
    1. Do NOT attack or assist in attacking GII Members.
    2. If a group you are associated with is known to attack GII, we will ask you to remove yourself from that group.
  3. Do NOT Delay Events
    1. Show up on time and prepared for the event.
    2. If you show up for the event late, the event leader retains the right to leave you behind.
    3. If you show up to the event on time but are unprepared and your preparations are going to delay the event, the event leader retains the right to leave you behind.
      1. Please note starting locations and conditions for events. 
  4. Do NOT Be Disruptive in Voice Chat
    1. Members do NOT want to hear your background noise, yelling, chewing, sneezing, coughing, burping, etc. in voice coms.
    2. Members will use PUSH-TO-TALK if they are unable to maintain a quiet environment.
    3. Repetitive disrespect to the Voice Com Rules will result in disciplinary action.
  5. Do NOT share screenshots of conversations with Staff about Org matters with other members/ people.


Find how to file a complaint below!

How To File a Complaint | Step-by-Step Guide

How To Not Get Complained About

How To Identify Members

Initiate:Casual org member. No strings attached. Attend events and gatherings. Limited community engagement (Initiates can only attend activities.)

Full Member: Can attend activities and missions.Can apply to become an Event Leader. 

Specialist: Manage events, direct official training, and take on other in-game responsibilities. Be active in GII daily. Selected by Team Tomato based on activity. 

Staff: The Garden Modertors who are also involved in GII operations and management.

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