Unprovoked Player Aggression

Piracy Guidelines

  1. Player-conducted piracy aggression against NPCs is fully permitted.
    1. Aggression towards NPCs only hurts the player’s reputation and not the Org’s reputation atm. 
  1. Any criminal missions, storylines, or activities you would like to do that do not affect other players, you are free to do so. 
  1. This is subject to change based on how reputation is handled, but any change will be announced at that time.
  1. NO Player-Conducted Piracy Aggression against other players!
  1. Unless you are engaging with players who have been warned and/or are being considered aggressive. In this case, you are free to defend yourself without repercussions.
  1. Fighting with Xenothreat or trying out the new interdiction functionality on others is tolerated, however, it is frowned upon and repetition will result in disciplinary action.
  1. The members with the type of playstyle we look for in GII don’t find themselves in this position often. This is why you are allowed to experiment occasionally.
  1. While it is not against the rules to experiment with it, GII does not want you to make a habit of affecting other people’s experiences under the name of “experimenting”.
  1. Getting caught participating in events, situations, or gameplay that might hurt the Organization’s reputation, you will be given a DYC, a Decaying Yellow Card
  1. These cards will be recorded but will decay over time, and therefore will not stack over multiple months unless offences are repeated.
  1. Even if you do take a step too far and affect somebody else’s gameplay enough that it is reported to staff, we will look at each specific situation individually and decide whether a DYC should be given.

The DOs and DON’Ts of Aggressive Gameplay 

Now let’s talk about a few examples of what is okay, and what would get tagged by the card system.

DO! – The things are that are A okay to do, if you want to do them-

DON’T! – If and when discovered, these actions will result in disciplinary action-

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Thank you for keeping your whole community in mind while playing. Together, we all make a great team! Looking forward to playing with you.